Ethiopian Wanderer Tours & Travel was founded by Abebe Tesfaw. Abebe has accumulated over 10 years of experience in Ethiopia’s tourism industry and is surrounded by a team of tour guides passionate about their country’s history, culture and nature, and eager to share their knowledge.

Ethiopian Wanderer Tours & Travel leads authentic and often off-the-beaten-track tours thanks to strong relationships with local business owners. Ethiopian Wanderer takes pride in offering  customised and packaged tours to our clients.

Ethiopian Wanderer provides a travel experience you’ll have a hard time forgetting. Witness the magic of Ethiopia’s religious holidays, learn about the ancient kingdoms that shaped Ethiopia on the Northern Historical Route, walk amongst the tribes of the South Omo Valley, feel the thrill of adventure on an overland expedition into the Danakil Depression, measure up the size of the Simien and Bale Mountains from your tent, or see endemic bird species in the Rift Valley.

Have you been dreaming about an unforgettable adventure in Ethiopia? We are looking forward to bringing this dream into reality!